September 14, 2008

Elsa and the Sweater

Vogue 1932, © Condé Nast

Anyone who loves fashion history, or indeed fashion in general, will know Elsa Schiaparelli, her work and influence.

Vintage Fashion, Carlton Books, 2006

I was reminded of her great talent when a girl at my office walked in one day, wearing a version of Elsa's famous trompe-l'oeil bow jumper. It is so simple in principle, yet immediately provides a strong visual focal point and lifts an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. The original has not a wiff of twee about it, as can often happen with bows, but a distinct, graphic sharpness. It would be equally at home sipping tea with the mother-in-law or downing a cocktail at the hippest bar in town.

It is, as its creator, a true icon of fashion.


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