October 17, 2008

The Sole of Shame and Other Mistakes

As with all things that are ultimately up to personal taste, fashion’s beauty lies ‘in the eye of the beholder’. There are, however, a few faux pas' that should be universally avoided. #1 Forgetting to remove the price label from the bottom of a new pair of shoes. This is an incomprehensible and highly embarrassing failing. There is absolutely no excuse for this; you are bound to take your new shoes out of their box, so the removal should be habitual. The most beautiful pair of Louboutin’s are rendered common by the presence of a barcode label. #2 I am aware that these days underwear is often as beautifully crafted as outerwear. Bu I have yet to see the appeal in a visible bra strap. It might be the most sublime piece from La Perla or Agent Provocateur; a black/white/flesh/whatever coloured strip peeking out just looks sloppy. Now, it is a different story altogether when it comes to sheer blouses or a flash of lace on a neckline…. #3 Ripped Tights. It can happen to the best of us: splinters from a chair, long nails, a ring with sharp edges, a handbag swinging too low…It sounds terribly clichéd but carry a pair of spare tights in your handbag, at least when you have a important meeting/dinner/rendezvous. Invest in good quality from the start; Wolford and Falke have the regular staples as well as beautiful ‘special occasion’ designs. You might pay more but I have found with hosiery it is worth it. #4 Dirty White. I have been guilty of this faux pass myself. A sublime, delicate white ‘Victoriana’ silk blouse, worn with sharply tailored trousers and…a dirty collar. Not nice! Make sure that your make-up is long wearing and do not, under any circumstances, eat red-coloured food when wearing white. Murphy’s Law: you will inadvertently stain yourself. If you have a white coat, try to avoid sitting down on the tube, or a bench, or…And most importantly, have a trustworthy dry cleaner! There are more ‘rules of elegance’, to be sure; but the above is quite enough food for thought at present.


At 1/07/2009 02:48:00 PM , Blogger Juanesito said...

It was written in my birthday. You are so interesting... full of ideas... nice

At 2/05/2009 05:29:00 PM , Blogger Amy said...

I agree emphatically. . . please do not show you're underwear, price tags look awkward, and ripped tights or dirty whites are slovenly. The ironic thing is that I'm wearing sweats as I write this. . .


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