January 14, 2009

The Red Carpet Dream

I suspect a lot of young, budding actresses dream of that Red Carpet moment. I certainly did at times when I was at drama school and even after, when it became apparent that my talent would not suffice for a successful career. There is no harm in dreaming, I think, as long as one remembers that it takes a lot of hard work, possible rejection and often tears to get where the below ladies are now. But I digress...Here is the pick of my favourite Graces at the Golden Globe. Anne Hathaway in Armani Privé looks beautiful beyond words. Her dress is simple in line and colour yet its construction is intricate and lavish, as can be expected from a piece of couture. Her natural elegance and that stunning dress merge into one perfect picture of graceful beauty.
One-shoulder dresses rarely fail to look refined and elegant. This lovely example by Lanvin, in a clever and subtle take on the ubiquitous leopard print, is carried off by Maggie Gyllenhaal with aplomb. Add a simple hairstyle and some drop earrings and you have an excellent take on the classical image of a goddess.
Here we have another example why 'simple' works so well on the red carpet. Anna Paquin's Hervé Legé gown quietly but powerfully emphasises her beauty without the need for a myriad of flashy details. A rich colour, intricate draping and cut and simple accessories make for another Belle at the Ball.
Ah, the one-shoulder, Grecian inspired dress again. What can I say? Amanda Seyfried in Stella McCartney is a modern day vision of Aglaea, the Grace representing Beauty.
And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and do some daydreaming... All pictures from Style.com


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