June 09, 2009

England, my England

This post has taken me much longer to put up than I anticipated. Mostly because I felt very 'raw' when I first came back from Stratford; this short stay has stirred so many emotions and thoughts. It was, above all, a blessed opportunity to spend some time with my parents but it also very forcefully reminded me why I love England so much. There is something about its landscape, ancient and yet moulded by subsequent generations, its language, now coming more easily to me than my mother tongue, its people, eccentric yet so infinitely likeable, that speaks to me. We had a wonderful time (and the weather was kind to us, too), exploring historic houses, blooming gardens, and sleepy towns. And quite a few teas and cakes too... I feel immensely priviledge to have spent most of my summer holidays in this beautiful country and to have lived here for the past three years. My heart will get a seismic shock when we will leave in the summer. Courage, my heart, I will be back...


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